Clark and Lasalle Pt 5

“Oh snap!” The bro tugged on the stop chord just as the bus had lurched past Cornelia. 

“Ha! too late.  Mass transit waits for no man, not even a happier me.” Toby said to himself.

The bus sat in the middle of the intersection as the bus driver waited for the bro and hot mess to gather their things.  In the course of a few blocks, the other Toby had formed a bond with a stranger that this Toby hadn’t managed in 8 years of mass transit experience. 

As the bro made his way to the front, of the bus, he turned to the hot mess.

 "Glad we took the bus today, baby," then locking eyes with Toby he added, "Gotta save my knees..."

For emphasis, the bro high fived the shut in’s, the family of confused tourists, even the four homless people as he went by. And with one fluid motion eased the same hand inside the hot mess’ back pocket.

“We love you bro, take care.” said the bus driver.

“Take it sleazy, dude.” assured the bro - looking every bit like an ad for condoms or tequila.

The bus returned to its former monotony.  Only now all the riders, save Toby, wore an idiotic grin. Their happiness burned at Toby as he slumped back into his customary slouch, the plastic seat farting against his sweatpants as he sunk lower.

The bus driver locked eyes with Toby through the rearview mirror, looking more intently than ever at him.  

“I wish you were the other Toby,” he said - pounding the gas pedal for effect.